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For 150 years Stupp Bros., a privately held firm, has been a part of the industrial history of the United States .  Stupp Bros. and its family of companies have provided bridges, high rise buildings, sports facilities, line pipes, specialized equipment and a variety of high quality products to customers throughout the world utilizing creative engineering and a passion for excellence.

Bridge Fabrication Stupp Bros., Inc. has established a tradition of excellence in all aspects of the businesses we operate. We are a world leader in the application, fabrication and production of structural steel components and steel piping for majorStructural Steel/Construction infrastructure improvement and capital expansion projects supporting the transportation, commercial construction and manufacturing industries.

The Stupp companies partner with our customers, counseling and assisting them in reaching job perfection in the most cost efficient way possible.

Pipe Manufacture and Coating The Stupp name is synonymous with integrity, honesty and delivery. We employ new-world technology to deliver old-world values for our customers. The tradition of excellence has been a part of the Stupp organization since the company was founded in 1856 and continues today.

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